Haton? is starting a revolution in Weather. This fun, social app harnesses the power of the community to provide essential data on weather, road conditions and answers the question, do I need my Haton?

Our mission is to provide accurate, short-term and personal forecasts based on weather reports from real people, experiencing real weather. We won’t be telling you what the weather will be doing tomorrow, instead we will help you decide whether to go for that walk, put the washing out or play that round of golf, right now.


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Your Location. Your Weather
Search your exact location to find your weather forecast with pinpoint accuracy. Zoom in and out of our clear, easy to use maps to get a thorough picture of your weather and that of your surrounding areas. Haton? recognises that the weather can change from street to street and our hyperlocal forecast function takes away the uncertainty of traditional weather forecasting.

Now and Later
Haton? provides a clear, easy to follow summary of the weather now and later in your location. Be prepared for any changes in weather conditions for every outing.


Community Driven Data
Haton? is driven by you our users. By inputting the weather and road conditions for your exact location the data provided by Haton? is real time and hyperlocal. Using our revolutionary forecasting algorithm Haton? provides an outline of upcoming weather for your exact location.


Do I Need My Haton?
If you are someone that always forgets their hat, suncream or umbrella then this is the app for you. Select the clothes page and Haton? will remind you of all the essentials to remember for your now and later weather.


Have Some Fun
Haton? turns weather watching into a fun and social activity. Connect with Facebook or Twitter and personalise your experience. By posting weather reports, you can collect points and challenge your friends.


The World’s Your Oyster
Because Haton? is powered by real users we are not restricted to any parts of the world. Use Haton? wherever you are in the world and for all your holiday and business needs.



We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.